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The Diary of an Extraordinary Ordinary Woman

The Diary of an Extraordinarily Ordinary Woman and Her Rather Eccentric Sister is the story of two sisters’ parallel but divergent lives. Leslie takes responsibility for her family, attempting to drag them out of their morass of lies and losses, challenging the odds that get in her way, while Deedee taunts and battles to go deeper into the muddled dysfunctional family dynamics where familiarity lies. The story spans seventy-five years of love, loss, intrigue, death, and betrayal. From fashion model to stay-at-home mom, from the end of World War II to the tragedies of Vietnam, from elder abuse to courtroom drama, this is a story that captivates.

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“Told through poignant and often heartbreaking diaries of two very different sisters on two very different paths, the themes of loss, sisterhood, the search for connection, and most importantly resiliency run strong… This intimate glimpse into life’s unraveling and trying to piece yourself together again will leave readers reflecting on their own journey and examining their relationship with what it means to be a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a friend.” 
—Kate Dyer-Seeley, author of Underneath the Ash and the Pacific Northwest Mysteries

“Unique, deceptively complex, and the diary voice is spot on.”
—Ona Russell, author of Son of Nothingness

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