Court Reporter Mysteries

The Court Reporter Always Gets the Last Word

The books in this series are humorous and not quite so cozy, while at the same time they give the reader a glimpse into the life of a court reporter. It’s a fascinating and challenging career.

The year is 1996. My protagonist Addie is a middle-aged court reporter, who lives in the home she grew up in in Santa Monica. Her brother is a highly sought-after attorney. Addie’s father is a world-renowned consultant on helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Addie’s mother is a retired Vogue model. There’s a cast of wacky characters, including a professional escort, a wise-cracking assistant, and two very vocal Siamese cats named Law and Order.

On a personal note, my brother and father died in the early 1970s. Addie’s brother and father are based on them as I believe they would have been had they lived into the 1990s. Addie’s mother is based on my mother, who died in 2020. By writing about them in my books, I get to spend time with them every day.